restyle home with fireplace cabinets
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Spruce up your home with Fireplace Cabinets

Fireplaces and fireplace cabinets add a textured personality to your home with their elegant designs and bold presence. They also present the perfect setup to unwind and encourage warmth and intimacy with your favorite people. It goes without saying that the ambiance of a well-designed fireplace directly impacts the mood of a home’s residents. Furthermore, fireplace cabinets make for a tasteful and efficient addition to your living room. This way, you can optimize storage without the cabinetry seeming out of place. They can easily complement the fireplace’s style and store all your favorite books, decorative pieces, and warm fuzzy blankets.

Tips to restyle & make your home design better with fireplace cabinet

Layered fireplace cabinetry can spice up your living room’s personality. There are thousands of design ideas out there that can give your home an elegant, streamlined look. Since every fireplace is unique, the cabinetry should match up too. You can create bespoke custom fireplace cabinets that align with your home’s needs and design. They don’t need to be extravagant but can be designed to stand out elegantly.

Here are some tips to spruce up your home with fireplace cabinets:

Complement your whites

A luxury white fireplace is irreplaceable. The only thing that can make it better is a pop of color. Pair your white fireplace with chic black or retro cabinetry. You could opt for earthy greens or funky yellows, depending on the kind of statement you want to make. Open white shelves with colored interiors, dark cabinet doors with white handles or stained wooden cabinets against a white fireplace all do the job well. Fine prints in a slightly darker shade can be used to add a regal touch too. Apart from that, you can go crazy with your own ideas too.

A little bit of everything

Fireplace cabinets need the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. That said, if you need more storage space, you could pair up large cabinets with a few floating shelves. Add to this quirky glass panels, intricate crown molding or delicate brass handles for a touch of luxury. Your minimalist built-in cabinetry could really stand out with the right kind of lights and trim work. You could opt for warm overhead lights, a string of bulbs across the shelves, or dedicated standing lamps. So if you can’t make it too fancy, add a little bit of everything to make it look stunning.

Black is in

A rising housing trend all around the world is the color black, and for good reason. It’s sheer elegance! A black fireplace contrasted by light-colored artifacts and decorative pieces makes a bold statement. You could add white vases, flowering plants, candles, and lots of wicker baskets to enhance the storage. While wicker baskets pair better with shelves, if you plan on installing closed cabinetry and drawers, add color contrast in their trim work accents and handles. You can even opt for cabinets in different shades of black to add a subtle color play.

Restyle Home with Fireplace Cabinet made of Natural Wood

Grainy wood cabinetry adds a unique charm to a fireplace. The possibilities for shaping and finishing wood are endless. Make rustic fireplace cabinetry by using rubbed wood, keep the unpolished look of a rich walnut alive or stain your oak to match your home’s decor style. You can even opt for vertical cabinets, smaller cubbies, and lavish shelves for all your pretty things. Tuck in your favorite books, candles, and souvenirs so your fireplace feels like it’s out of a movie. Nothing pulls off creating warmth better than good old hardwood. Consult an expert to find the best hardwood in your area.


If you feel like your fireplace needs an upgrade, this is your sign to do it. While the space in itself creates a space for warmth, intimacy, and comfort, it can be so much more. Incorporating fireplace cabinets in your living room adds character to the space’s personality. It contributes to creating a space that one can really feel connected to without struggling too much. Moreover, fireplace cabinetry doubles down as an effective storage solution, especially for smaller homes. You could create more storage space without bothering too much about its place in the home. Cabinets around a fireplace only enhance its design and make your home look prettier.

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