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Staircases are no longer just for utility, they’re almost art. A great custom wooden staircase can elevate your house status. We can design any kind of custom cabinet design under staircase for you. Reach out now!

Get more from your staircases!

Staircases can be more than just staircases – they can be functional units optimized for storage and decoration. For instance, spaces under a gorgeously designed staircase often go underutilized. VC Woodworks believes in enhancing each corner of your home to make it elegant and efficient. You can install a storage cupboard under your staircase, have a compact grab-and-go center, or just amp it up with chic balustrades for aesthetic purposes. Our craftsman’s skills go as far as your imagination can and you’ll get staircases than can do more.


Why choose us?

As craftsmen dedicated to creating artful pieces for your home, we believe staircases have the most untapped potential. If you live in a smaller home, a series of cabinets and drawers can help increase storage space. On the other hand, if you just want to add a touch of elegance, you can deck it up with a chic library and pair it up with some indoor plants. Take it a notch higher by using luxury-stained wood with a rough, rustic finish and natural shine. A good design is one that stands out while subtly dissolving into the home’s style.

At VC Woodworks, no matter what theme inspires your home’s decor – modern, traditional, retro, etc – the cabinets under your staircase will effortlessly blend into it. Hop on to the retro train with fun color pops, tone it down with traditional wooden designs, or make a statement with contemporary shapes and sharp statements – we can do it all.


Wait, there’s more!

Apart from exclusive cabinets under the staircases, we also build and upgrade your main staircase design. We can install sophisticated treads, and regal or contemporary balustrades or go the extra mile by incorporating trendy glass paneling. Apart from that, we even advise on staircase shapes ranging from spiral, l-shaped, zigzag, and so on. The recommendations are made keeping in mind your home’s decor style, the staircase functionality, and the space available. We can make staircase designs the most fun part of your home that will leave everyone in awe.

At VC Woodworks, we consider every installation an essential part of your home and a reflection of your personality. This means your inputs are prioritized and infused to create a functional design. Enhance the tone and class of your wooden staircases by incorporating premium wooden cabinets under the stairs. We assure complete transparency and communicate all design plans to you every step of the way. You get the highest quality wood, personalized service, and a design that fits your ideas and aesthetics. Getting wooden staircase installations in West Chester, PA has never been more stress-free.

Building high quality Staircases

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