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How to install the perfect Custom Office Cabinetry at home?

Home offices have garnered a newfound fan-following due to the pandemic-imposed work-from-home phase. A lot of businesses and employees have chosen to continue with this system. Even before that, most entrepreneurs and freelancers have preferred having a cozy little home office setup with elegant custom office cabinetry. Ideally, a good home office should be spacious and clutter-free to encourage productive work. How you design your office largely depends on the space available to you and your own personal needs. If you are someone who handles a lot of paperwork, you may need a lot more storage options.

Tips to install a bespoke custom office cabinetry

The perfect home office requires careful planning and attention to detail. You need to start with designating a corner (or a room) for your workspace. This should be followed by a careful assessment of your storage needs – do you have a lot of cables, devices, papers, binders, or post-its? Once that’s done, plan your office cabinetry. Here are a few tips on how to do exactly that.

What type of cabinet do I need?

While essentially custom office cabinetry is more about functionality, its aesthetics cannot be sidelined. Your storage needs and available space will determine whether you get closed-wall cabinets, custom vertical office cabinets, study table cabinets, or open shelves. 

  • Wall cabinets are perfect for smaller offices with less floor space and minimal storage needs.  A creative way to optimize storage would be to pair wall cabinets with some spacious office table cabinetry. 
  • If you have a lot of paperwork to be tucked away, consider getting a vertical cabinet that is almost like a wardrobe for all your documents.
  • Whether you get more drawers, large empty cabinets, or cabinets with more full-depth shelves is entirely up to you. While drawers work better for storing smaller, handy essentials, larger cabinets offer better long-term and customizable storage spaces.
  • To give your office cabinetry an elegant look, incorporate a few shelves, glass-paneled doors, or some crown molding. This will seamlessly add a touch of style without compromising on storage.

Match your office to your home’s style

Every home follows a certain decor style – it could be modern, traditional, vintage, retro, farmhouse, or a combination of multiple styles. Match your office space furniture to your home’s style to retain a sense of uniformity. You need a space that encourages productivity and feels comforting at the same time. Give it a structure, but don’t make it entirely foreign from the rest of your home’s design.

Opt for luxury custom office cabinetry

Wooden office cabinets are most preferred for home offices. Their natural design can make your home office look chic and luxury. Moreover, good hardwood cabinets if maintained well can last you a lifetime. As opposed to metal, they do not rust and their biophilic nature gives them an upper hand over plastic. If you pick sturdy wood like cherry or oak, they are also difficult to break into and can easily protect your precious items. If you consider using your home office to have in-person meetings, rich, stained wooden custom cabinetry can make a lasting impression.

Make your cabinetry design maintenance-friendly

It is human nature to allow things to pile up over time. Regular maintenance of your cabinets is essential to keep them clutter-free and clean. That said, there are some designs that are better at encouraging maintenance than others. For instance, if you have a single cabinet unit with no internal shelving, it can be difficult to arrange your essentials in it. Plan your cabinetry such that it accommodates storage baskets, pen stands, cable separators, and so on. This way you know what goes where which makes it easier to maintain de-cluttered office cabinetry.


If you plan on working from home, a custom cabinetry in your cozy home office can do wonders for your productivity. It separates you from the activity in the rest of the house and ensures you do not get distracted. An efficient home office starts with organized custom office cabinetry. Apart from keeping your office de-cluttered, it also gives it a chic and elegant look. An office that feels like you also encourages a positive attitude towards work which can exponentially improve your attitude.  

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