In our company we not only fabricate fireplace cabinets but also custom mantels! We can do an on-site build as a cheaper option or have it fabricated and finished in shop for a higher quality build and paint! This means that you can create any kind of design and we can make it possible! We pride ourselves in every piece we make and guarantee your satisfaction! Here in West Chester we are the most affordable custom cabinet makers in town and hands down the highest quality! So, if you want a few fireplace cabinets settings, you know who to call.

Why your home needs a mantel?

A grandiose home deserves an elegant showstopper that will leave everyone in awe. A chic mantel in wood for your fireplace easily fits the bill. Wood fireplace cabinetry have become the talk of the town for their intricate vintage presence in contemporary homes. This is because they contribute to creating an aesthetic and warm corner around which you can spend quality time with your loved ones. However, designing custom mantels is no mean feat. Every salon has unique dimensions and features, and a pre-made mantel may not do justice to the design. The best way to go about it is to hire a professional craftsman to install a tailor-made mantel for your home.


Why choose us?

A good fireplace with cabinets is hard to come by and as a homeowner, you have certain designs and plans in mind for your living spaces. We can help make these ideas a reality. At VC Woodworks we aim to optimize the original beauty of a fireplace with cabinets and seamlessly accommodate it into the home’s design. You can get specific theme-inspired finished or semi-finished mantels, era-specific traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse designs, floating mantels, or exquisite luxury design cabinets around fireplace. Our execution skills give life to premium and high-quality designs that won’t disappoint you. The wood that enters your home is sourced from the finest corners of West Chester and shaped to finesse. Moreover, every piece is stained and painted to protect it from weather-related damage. This means that owning wooden pieces is not accompanied by the hassle of maintenance.

At VC Woodworks, we prioritize art as a means of creating wooden installations for your homes. Every custom fireplace cabinet is a unique representation of our refined craftsmanship and dedication to your satisfaction. You can get a charming fireplace with fireplace cabinets or custom mantels that will enhance your home’s design. Depending on your preference, they can be built on-site or fabricated and finished in-store. While the former option is easier on your pocket, the latter promises a premium finish, build and paint. Moreover, you get to be part of the initial design, subsequent production, and final installation process. If you have a plan for a fireplace cabinetry, let us know and our designers will give it a functional form and shape. We assure transparency at every step of the way. Get in touch with us to make your dream home a reality.

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