Bench Seats

VC Woodworks offers an exuberant experience with our custom made, hand crafted bench seats. Treat yourself to a superior finish and quality. Share your vision and let our experts bring it to life from 3-D modeling tools and techniques.

Why install bench seats?

A sleek bench seat is a comfortable and welcoming addition to any mudroom, living room, or walk-in closet. If you have floor space to spare, install wooden bench seats with luxurious cushions and chic cabinets to optimize storage. They can be designed all along a wall, under your staircases, or right in your entryway. Thanks to their design and construction, they can take care of all your long-term storage needs. Be it your winter boots, rain gear, magazines, and other nick-knacks you can’t seem to get rid of – they can hold it all. Streamline the design for your bench seats by complimenting them with your home’s style and give them a chic touch with elegant trim work.


Why choose us?

VC Woodworks has always prioritized woodwork as an art that requires dedication and boundless creativity. We believe that every home has unique functional and design needs that cannot be met by pre-made woodwork. How you want your bench seats to contribute to your home is completely up to you.

You can choose between different premium quality hardwoods, indicate the layout of your bench seats, and specify their functional purpose. Whether you want open shelves, glass-paneled cabinets, drawers, or deep shelves to optimize storage depends on you. As opposed to chairs, sofas, or sectionals, wooden bench seats can be customized to fit into difficult corners. You could have a sitting area next to a small window, in your bathrooms, or at the foot of your bed. They beautifully double up as storage spaces allowing you to make the best of your investment.

Our experienced design team carefully assesses your home’s style and recommends designs that blend into it. Moreover, if you wish to hop onto current home decor trends, you can design or upgrade your custom wooden bench seats to reflect them. Stained, painted, monochromatic or a funky retro pop of color – your wooden bench seats can be all that and more.


How bench seats help you.

Bench seats are one of the most underrated additions to modern homes. They can help optimize space and create extra seating areas for all your parties. VC Woodworks aims to deliver pieces that exude the finest of craftsmanship. You get to be a part of the initial design planning and the eventual 3D rendering. This way you are assured complete transparency with regards to your finished product. You just have to imagine it and we will design it to become a reality.

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