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Things to know before you go searching for ‘Trim Work Near Me’

Good trim work is like icing on a cake. It essentially helps fill up and enhance those empty spaces in your home with elegant woodwork. This can consequently contribute to emphasizing your home’s decor and bringing out specific elements to make bold statements. Most homes have been seeing a rise in demand for intricate trim work in wood to give them that premium look. However, before you go looking for “trim work near me”, there are some things you should know about. Basic knowledge and understanding of trim work can facilitate your discussions with potential carpenters and help you make the best choice.

Know these things before you search for “trim work near me”

Trim carpentry is a complex and extensive craft that branches into many directions. Your professional finish carpenter may be able to help you understand but having some basic knowledge before starting out can make it easier. When you know how to trim carpentry can help you ameliorate your home’s design, it simplifies your decision-making process.

What is trim work?

Trim work encompasses subtle yet powerful wooden installations to beautify and safeguard a home. While initially the mill-work was used to only protect walls, it is today known for its decorative function too. For instance, trim work accents help merge the spaces between walls and floors/ceilings. Today, they have a higher design value and can subtly enhance a home’s look. Good trim work installations can seamlessly accentuate your home’s style without taking the center stage.

Types of trim work accents

Depending on the build and function, wooden trim work can surround cabinets, staircases, doors, and windows. Trim work accents specifically can be classified into three types – crown molding, casing, and floor trim molding. These installations all happen in the final stages of construction or whenever you remodel your home. Be sure to involve a professional trim carpenter with plenty of experience to give you the best for your home.

I. Crown Molding

Crown molding is mill-work that goes in between your wall and ceiling. It takes on a very unique and specific shape and design to fit into the space and add texture to it. Apart from that, crown molding is also popularly used on doors and windows to add emphasis and create a subtle textured look. The final design of crown molding is influenced by the home’s style and molding type ranging from coves to baseboards.

II. Casing Trim Work

Casing refers to all trim work that accentuates doors and windows in a home. If you feel like your windows aren’t contributing much to the home’s style, a quick casing will easily add a touch of elegance. Ideally, casings work really well when mismatched with the home’s style. For instance, contemporary homes with a colonial casing can really charm your guests. Apart from this, there are several different types of casings such as Belly or Windsor that you can consider for your home.

III. Floor Trim Molding

Floor trim molding serves a protective as well as decorative function. The point of contact between floors and walls usually comes in frequent contact with water, dust, and other elements that can easily damage them. An elegant floor trim molding usually goes over these gaps and serves a dual function of beautification and resistance against deterioration. Ideally, complement them with your home’s design style and pick ones that subtly enhance. Mop Board trims or Baseboard trims are some popular favorites amongst most homeowners.

Pick your design style

Current home decor trends around trim work emphasize monochromatic looks and trim work in natural wood. You can choose a rich wooden trim work to make a contemporary statement and pair it with subtle earthy wallpaper. If you want to retain a minimalist appearance, a monochromatic look never goes out of style. This can be played around with to add random pops of colors to your kitchen cabinets or a bold wallpaper in your rooms. Apart from that, a touch of the housing designs from days gone by such as colonial or retro elements can help shake things up a little.


If you think your home needs a complete makeover, think again. Maybe you just need to spice things up a little by adding some textured trim work. It continues to remain a popular favorite amongst homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes. However, knowing what your home needs and investing accordingly is crucial before you search for trim work near you. This way you can channel your discussions with your carpenter and prevent yourself from going overboard. 

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