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Tips to help you design Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Not many things match the feeling that a luxury kitchen space can create with luxury kitchen cabinets. If you take your cooking seriously, you want your prep area to have the best of everything. You know what appliances to pick, what countertops to have, and what cutlery to bring home. However, no kitchen is complete without luxury kitchen cabinetry to make the cooking feel like art. To know that there is a place for all your kitchen essentials is an incomparable feeling. If you are considering building or remodeling your luxury kitchen, here are some tips to help you start & learn about luxury modern kitchen cabinets design ideas.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Apart from upgrading your kitchen’s look, your kitchen’s decor will also have a large influence on your mood. When you want to prepare a meal, you want to be in the best headspace and a clean, well-designed kitchen can enable that. How you design your luxury modern kitchen cabinet will largely determine the ambiance of the rest of your kitchen.

Pick your decor style

Every home speaks its own language. It could be a contemporary pop of trendy elements, a traditional drape of vintage styles, or a rustic farmhouse style. When redecorating your kitchen cabinetry, you could either align it with the current style or pick something completely different. While two different styles might sound fun, it can easily cause your layout to feel chaotic and cluttered. Hence, regardless of what you choose, careful planning is crucial. That said, incorporating luxury kitchens cabinets elements into traditional home decor is one of the most popular kitchen cabinetry designs.

Know your wood

There are three major kinds of wood that are most preferred by homeowners for luxury wood kitchen cabinets – cherry, oak, and walnut. Their essential qualities of elegance and durability make them among the top choices for premium kitchen cabinetry.

I. Cherry Wood

The cherry wood has a dark reddish-brown tone giving cherry cabinets a natural luxury look. What sets cherry apart is its lustrous sheen and the fact that its color gradually darkens over time due to ageing. However, this also means that the wood is a little more expensive than the rest. It is also more difficult to source but is regardless one of the most loved choices for luxury modern kitchen cabinets.

II. Oak Wood

Oak wood is available in two major varieties – red and white. While red oak’s structure makes it perfect for traditional kitchen design, white oak is preferred for its other qualities. White oak is rot-resistant, sturdier, and lasts longer than red. While it was traditionally used to make boats and other outdoor accessories, it has made a place for itself in today’s home decor market. It also has a more aesthetic color and finish and can be stained to make some sophisticated kitchen cabinetry.

III. Walnut

Walnut is available in light and dark shades. However, over time it gets lighter due to ageing and oxidation. Walnuts make for excellent cabinetry thanks to their smooth surfaces, sturdy structures, and durable form. Their original shades are so seamlessly beautiful that you do not need to paint them. Moreover, the strong grain pattern easily accentuates a modern kitchen design.

Look at the little things in kitchen cabinetry

Once you’ve picked your style and wood, it’s time to get down to business. A luxury kitchen is not just aesthetically pleasing, but functionally efficient too.

  • The hinges and drawers are the primary characteristics that determine the quality of your cabinetry. Luxury kitchen cabinets boast smooth action hinges and drawer runners that don’t give up in a couple of years. 
  • You can even go a step ahead and opt for truly handle-less kitchens that add a functional contemporary touch to your favorite space. 
  • Lastly, top off your kitchen’s look with designer crown moldings to bridge that transitional space between cabinet and ceiling. The intricate detailing is bound to eave guests in awe.

Add some spunk!

Home decor trends are constantly evolving and there is always something new to be incorporated. For instance, glass door fronts on cabinets and shelves can add an elegant touch to your kitchen. You could choose from transparent, frosted, and seeded glass doors to display your exotic ingredients or exquisite cutlery. If glass doors are not for you, you can even consider adding retro-inspired pops of colors to cabinet or drawer doors. It’s bound to make a statement for itself and your kitchen.


Your kitchen space is yours to own and it needs to align with your preferences and personality. A luxury kitchen can make you feel at ease and comfortable enough to whip all your favorite delicacies. That said, no kitchen is complete without some fine luxury kitchen cabinets that are aesthetic and functional. The right kind of design will not just reflect your personality, but also make your kitchen efficient and serve as a statement of flawless design.

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