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Ideas to Enhance your Basement Storage Cabinets

Basements serve a very important function, doubling up as a space that adds aesthetic value and optimizes storage in your home. How you choose to upgrade your basement entirely depends on your needs. If you have a large family, you might need more cupboards to tuck away all the shoes, toys, and other nick-knacks. On the other hand, if you do not need more storage, you could consider getting a wet bar, a home library, or an entertainment center in your basement. Based on what shape your basement takes, you can further enhance your basement storage cabinets to accommodate your needs. Whether you want vertical units, built-in installations, or base units, you can customize them to suit your preference.

How to amp up home design with basement storage cabinets

Vertical Corner Cabinets

Vertical cabinets are life savers, especially in smaller basements. You can easily fit all your stuff onto stacked cabinets or shelves with organizers. Moreover, if you are planning to decorate your basement to include a bar or some cozy seating, you can just push the vertical storage cabinets to the corners. This leaves plenty of empty space to be utilized and transformed as you want to.

Get quirky with your seating

If you want to transform your basement into an entertainment space, bench seats are your answer. These gorgeous installations can seamlessly enhance storage without eating up space. You can have seats with front-facing doors, drawers, lift doors, rolling track doors, or doors under the seating area. Moreover, they are an open canvas for you to decorate the way you see fit. You could add plush cushions, tiny artifacts, hanging lights, hand rests that double up as tables, and so on. If you plan on having parties, game nights, or movie bingeing sessions with your favorite people, bench seats will help not just with seating, but with also storing all essentials.

Play around with door types

If you think there are only two types of doors, think again. A primary way to enhance the design of your basement storage cabinets is by playing around with door styles. Just because they are in your basement, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can choose not just their external design, but also their opening style. The most popular cabinet door designs are raised panel, recessed panel, shaker, slab, mullion, cathedral, beaded, and open frame (with glass fronts). On the other hand, if you consider opening styles you can go for push-to-open technology that comes with handle-less cabinetry. Not just that, doors with hydraulic hinges that open upwards, bi-fold doors, track doors, and pocket doors are trending in the world of home decor. If you think your basement storage cabinets look boring, make them exciting by adding some fun doors.

Think about your laundry

Generally, most homeowners prefer converting their basements into a laundry area. However, it doesn’t need to eat into all the space. Dedicate a corner to your washers and dryers and optimize space by adding overhead cabinets. They make your laundry essentials accessible and offer a storage solution too. Get a little creative and carve out little cube storage shelves for your softeners, detergents, clips, and other laundry items.

Make each movie night worth remembering 

If you are someone who takes their private time seriously, consider designing your basement storage cabinets around a built-in entertainment center. This way you save up on floor space and have all your media essentials in one place. Furthermore, you can pair your open shelves with some closed cabinetry depending on what you want to conceal and what you want to show off. You can enhance it with a small bar cabinet, put up your favorite pieces on display and go all out with some ambient lighting.


Basement storage cabinets can make for a thoughtful addition to your home. However, depending on the space available to you and your own needs, you need to plan carefully. If you have a basement space that you would like to upgrade, start with determining its purpose. You can then move on to your storage needs and how you can accommodate all the cabinetry in them. That said, the space has so much potential to turn into something elegant, functional, and beautiful. So don’t forget to give it a little personality while you remodel it.

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