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Basement storage cabinets or basement storage closets in modern homes are not just for storage anymore. You can build your lounge, entertainment room, bar, or even a guest bedroom. We can design and build custom basement storage cabinets woodwork for your entire basement. Whatever you need, we make it happen.

Why you need to renovate your basement.

A basement is a blank slate waiting to be designed the way you want. It doesn’t have to be a boring or dull storage space when it can be more. An extended storage space, a guest room, a gaming room, a play area for your kids, or a fancy walk-in closet – remodel your basement shelves to be more. You visualize and the craftsmen at VC Woodworks will realize the necessary woodwork to transform your basement. A custom basement renovation will not just amp up your living space, but also impress every guest that comes across it.


Your basement can be whatever you want!

Every home renovation and upgrade is a thoughtful craft that requires dedication and creative attention. We want to understand your vision and effortlessly execute it to align with reality. Make your basement elegant and functional by introducing custom wood cabinetry to suit your needs. Want to create a bar? We can add sleek glass-paneled cabinets to store your favorite spirits. If you want to have a spare bedroom, we can ameliorate it by adding built-in wardrobes, wall cabinets and shelves with delicate trim work and trendy designs. Use it for your guests and as a personal storage space – you won’t have to choose between one. Prefer to have a safe play area for your little ones? Install child-proof cabinetry with softened edges to store your kid’s favorite toys. If you have basement storage ideas, we can bring them to reality.


Why choose us?

VC Woodworks considers every installation in your home as art that reflects your personality. We aim to provide designs that make you feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. We want you to be pleasantly surprised by how a good custom basement storage cabinet design can amp up the entire look of the space. Hence, your inputs are prioritized and encouraged in every step from planning to executing. Moreover, we use only the best quality wood that can be painted, finished, or paneled to match your home’s aesthetic and style. You are also assured complete transparency, so the end product is exactly what you wanted it to be. Our qualified craftsmen give their best in ensuring the design meets the highest standards of the woodwork. Rest assured with VC Woodworks your dream home becomes a reality.

Building high quality Basements

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